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2018 Fall Cool-Down Show! October 20th

AHAD Fall Flurry
Join us in Hartley Delaware for our All-Breed Horse show on October 20th... a perfect cool-down for the 2018 show season! FAMILY friendly and fun, our show series are a great time, and eduacational with a range of wonderful judges. Download and print all necessary forms below-

Entry Form | Classlist

Address to use with Mapquest/GPS... 2683 Bryants Corner Rd, Hartley, DE 19953

All entries are automatically entered into our new, *free* show series high points program! Find out more info here!

Consider sponsoring a class or a high point division . All sponsors will get their names on our website and announced throuhgout shows. All members who bring in sponsorships will be entered in a raffle for a fun prize!

A note about pre entries/day of entry!

Please consider sending your entries in for the pre-entry date- it will save you some money and us a lot of time. When we have to enter 40+ horses the morning of the show, with most not lining up until 30 minutes before the show begins, the show either gets off to a late start or people miss some classes. For day of show entry, if possible, please try to come prepared with your entry forms already filled out and check ready to expedite the process. Thanks for understanding! **All PAID pre entries will be entered into a drawing for a special prize!!**

Help us keep YOU safe!

ALL entries REQUIRE a current (within 1 year) negative Coggins... if possible, please include copies with your pre-entries, otherwise, have them ready at the show as you will not get your show number without them! Thank you for your help!

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